Seller's Guide

Getting your home ready to sell

The single most important factor in selling your home is to determine a realistic price range. This is determined by market conditions and condition of the house. I have extensive experience to assist you with determining a realistic price range for your house.

Small improvements can make a significant difference in the saleability of your home. Ensuring that the house is clean and bright, all the light bulbs are new will create a better ambience for potential buyers. Ensuring that the lawn is cut and any loose garbage is removed from the property will ensure that potential buyers are not negated by small items that need repair or cleanup.

Are you fit to sell?

You need to see your home like a prospective buyer. To do that, you need to look at both the inside and outside with a fresh perspective. If you follow these simple tips, you will be helping to set the stage for a property that shows great to potential buyers.

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